About Dealer’s Choice Podcast

Dealer’s Choice is a general-interest podcast founded by Josh Nagel and co-hosted by Forrest Hartman. They are both professional journalists and entertainment writers who have wide-ranging interests. Nagel works as assistant managing editor for CBS SportsLine, while Hartman is a journalism instructor at Chico State University and syndicated movie critic.

For years, they have shared their views on topics such as current events, entertainment, music, sports and movies. For the last 20 years, they have shared their viewpoints independently to various audiences and together on a few occasions to positive feedback. This podcast is a light-hearted forum in which they can debate various topics while also providing useful information and/or entertainment value. Thanks for checking this out … if you enjoyed it, great… if it’s not your thing… feel free to move along.

Josh Nagel
Forrest Hartman