Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 5: ‘Rebuilding Paradise’ offers powerful first-hand account of 2018 Camp Fire

In this episode, the co-hosts discuss the new Ron Howard documentary and how it hit home for both of them. Other topics include how sports have been a metaphor for pandemic life and how people go about finding new music in the digital age.

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 4: The Social Net-jerk? Will Facebook’s Zuckerberg feel blow-back from users?

ESPN personality Bomani Jones recently predicted that Mark Zuckerberg will eventually be viewed as perhaps the biggest villain of this generation. Is he correct? The Dealer’s Choice hosts discuss, along with whether Dr. Joseph Fauci struck out while throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the Nationals-Yankees baseball game last week.

“Zucker Punch” by Surian Soosay

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Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 2: Is ‘Greyhound’ worth the price of a boarding pass?

In our second episode of 2020, Forrest Hartman reviews the film “Greyhound” and the guys have a heated debate over whether Taylor Swift or Katy Perry is the more gifted musician. Also, would you go without bathing for 2 months for a prize of $50,000?

“Greyhound” featuring Tom Hanks