Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 10: There might be no “I” in team, but there is in COVID-19

Dodgers star Justin Turner’s recent actions exemplify the me-first attitude that has defined much of America during the coronavirus pandemic. The hosts discuss the growing impact of the virus across sports, as well as discussing the new “Borat” film and discussing what their expectations for an election night that promises to be the most memorable of our lifetime.

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 9: ‘The Social Dilemma’: Do we have technology, or does it have us?

The answer is the latter, only more than you can possibly imagine. The co-hosts discuss the new Netflix documentary that illustrates in agonizing detail how social media companies have successfully commandeered an extremely important commodity — your mind.

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 8: Is lack of empathy the real virus that’s killing us all?

The co-hosts discuss an article in The Atlantic that explains in scientific detail why lack of empathy is a major obstacle to getting past the pandemic. Why do we care about each other less than ever, and is there a chance that human decency can ever be restored?

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 5: ‘Rebuilding Paradise’ offers powerful first-hand account of 2018 Camp Fire

In this episode, the co-hosts discuss the new Ron Howard documentary and how it hit home for both of them. Other topics include how sports have been a metaphor for pandemic life and how people go about finding new music in the digital age.

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020, Episode 2: Is ‘Greyhound’ worth the price of a boarding pass?

In our second episode of 2020, Forrest Hartman reviews the film “Greyhound” and the guys have a heated debate over whether Taylor Swift or Katy Perry is the more gifted musician. Also, would you go without bathing for 2 months for a prize of $50,000?

“Greyhound” featuring Tom Hanks

Dealer’s Choice Podcast 2020: Episode 1, July 6

Consider this Russian Roulette proposition: there is one loaded gun among 10 total guns that sit before you on a table. If you choose one, take a shot at your own head and it’s a blank, you win $10 million. The other option is not shooting at all. Which do you choose, and why? The Dealer’s Choice guys discuss this hypothetical, the nuances of Scrabble strategy and a few other topics in the 2020 debut of Dealer’s Choice podcast.